The Wright Moment Home

My passion is Photography! I joined the digital world in 2000 and have been taking pictures ever since. My camera has always been an extension of myself and you rarely see me without it. My friends even gave me the nickname "Katie Kodak". But what started as a hobby and avenue to chronicle my family's life has turned into quite an adventure.

I decided to share my talents and skills by providing a photography service. I strive to capture the essence of the individual and capture "The Wright Moment".

Outdoor Photography

Living in Colorado is a candystore for photographers. Just step outside and the possibilities are endless. Denver and the surrounding area have the best locations for outdoor portrait photography. If you need suggestions for an outdoor photo shoot I can recommend some beautiful spots close by, or use that special location of your own. Keep in mind for outdoor sessions, there is a "golden hour" when photography looks its best; sunrise or sunset.

Studio Photography

If studio photography is what you are looking for I offer portrait photography at the location of your choice. Backdrops, lighting, and props help us get the best shots possible all of which can be brought to your home for a more relaxed atmosphere. All pictures are digital and can be reviewed after the photography session.

Contact information

Heather Wright

cell 720.989.8755